What are your qualifications?

You can see my qualifications if you follow this link: MY PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES + PICS WITH STARS

How much does your service cost?

First contact to me is alway FOR FREE!

I only take money, if I have created contact between both potential cooperation partners. Until then my whole work is FOR FREE! So there seems to be no risk for you.

Don't worry, I'll give you my estimated costs as soon as more details about the planned cooperation are known. As a rule, I receive a small percentage commission of the investment volume as well as a predetermined hourly rate for each meeting and travel expenses. That's all. Very transparent. No hidden costs. I am a serious person.

Can we be shown as a official partner on your website?

I am generally willing to consider serious offers. I am a serious person and have high quality standards. If you are interested in a serious and profitable partnership, please send an email to the following address: office@ts-global-consulting.de

Will you also give support after the cooperation partners have signed a big deal?

I will not interfere in the contractual matters of the cooperation partners and will only act as a professional middleman, for which I am also paid. All rights and obligations therefore belong to the cooperation partners. However, in return for further payment, I am generally prepared to support the cooperation as an independent advisor and contribute my expertise if necessary. In principle, this can be agreed upon. Just ask me if you are interested.